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Diocese of Knoxville Catholic Committee on Scouting - Rosary Patch Series

Rosary Patch Series

Click on the patch above or the link below for the program requirements.

1) Joyful Mysteries
2) Luminous Mysteries
3) Sorrowful Mysteries
4) Glorious Mysteries
5) Pray the Rosary

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are questions slanted toward Catholics scouts?

The requirements for the Rosary Patch were initially written for Scouts and Scouters registered with the Boy Scouts of America to celebrate the Year of the Rosary. However, the program is open to everyone interested in attaining the patch.

Can Christian youth registered in Girl Scouts or CampFire relate to these questions?

Yes. The questions are taken from the Bible describing the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus and in some cases the biblical reference is made.

Are the Rosary Patch Activities considered a Religious Emblem, and will Cub or Boy Scouts receive their Religious Knot after completing the form?

No. The Rosary patch activities are considered a Religious Activity not a Religious Emblem. Cub and Boy Scouts will not receive a Religious Knot after completing the form.

Is there be more than one Rosary Patch Activity?

Yes. There are a series of five patches. They run as follows: Joyful Mysteries Patch; Luminous Mysteries Patch; Sorrowful Mysteries Patch; Glorious Mysteries Patch and the Pray the Rosary Patch. All patches are available at any time.

How should this award be presented?

This award will be mailed directly to the person that completed the award (or the person who ordered the award(s)). We encourage each unit to plan a formal presentation for their scout(s) in your Troop, Pack or at a Mass in your local Parish.

Lesson Plans ...

See the following link for a Lesson Plan on how to put on the “Rosary Patch Activities”. A scout leader developed this Lesson Plan for the Diocese of Nashville. You may find this very helpful for the youth 1st thru 5th grade.

Lesson Plans

For an additional explanation of how to pray the 5-Decade and 20-Decade Rosary visit the following websites. The websites also provide an audio for you to follow.


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