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The Knoxville Diocesan Catholic Committee provides the following works and activities:

What We Do
Promotes the Catholic Churchs Religious Emblems programs and the presentation of Awards to Boy Scout, Girl Scout USA, American Heritage Girls, Campfire Boys & Girls, 4H Clubs,The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The Troops of St. George and Trails Life USA for all ages. Promotes Adult Religious Awards and recognition. Provide information materials and medals display (by request) for most Religious Emblems of other faith, we provide this service because a "Scout is Reverent" regardless of what faith he/she is.
Promote all of the NCCS programs. Provide scholarships to the ST. George Trek at Philmont, NM. Scouting in the Catholic Church Adult Training at Philmont, NM.
Rosary Patch program. Trail of American Saints patch program. Pope Paul VI (National Catholic Quality Unit Award).
National Gold Medallion Award (Unit Award). The Golden Bow Recognition. Third Milennium Program.
Pope John Paul II, Patch program. We provide an all Youth Retreat each year. We host a Bishops recognition gathering each year.
We provide adult leadership development training program each year. We train and approve all Religious Emblem Counselors for the Religious Emblems program.  

"Your generous donation will help fund all of these programs"

Donate online or by check.

Make checks payable to DCCS
Please note in Memo section if the check is for the St. George Trek.

For more information please contact
Chairman George C. LeCrone, Sr.
10700 Leeward Lane
Knoxville, Tn. 37934-3012
(865) 719-1548

Thank you & God Bless you

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